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Richard A Currier's Horseless Carriage Co.

Bodies for the Model T Ford and other Era chassis'

  Cape Neddick, Maine

Est. 1997

York Depot Hack Bodies

Red Oak w/ Mahogany Panels. $4175.00 (unfinished). Comes with front and back seat and covered top. Door hinges and latches included.... To add 2 middle jump seats $550.00.. 3 coats of Spar varnish $600.00. Body does NOT come w/ glass.. This is the same body I built for the Henry Ford Museum.

Maple w/ Cherry panels. $4375.00. Has the same options as the Red Oak Hack body..

1912 C cab body

Copy of Fords C cab body for the Model T chassis. $5275.00.. Wood frame w/ metal sheathing. (no plywood). Includes covered top, upholstered seat and backrest. Primed metal and unfinished wood.

Ford TT Hack body

Solid Red Oak w/ Mahogany panels. $4350.00. Has the same options as the standard Depot Hack Body.

Ford Model T Race car body kit

Race car body for the 09 to 25 T chassis w/ a brass radiator. $3650.00. Kit includes the long hood and hood aprons, metal hood former, body base (wood), and the seat skins (also wood)... Optional upholstered seat and cushions $675.00.

Open and Closed Express Bodies

Solid Red Oak. Includes hardware, covered top, upholstered seat and backrest.. Does not include glass or windshield hinges.. Closed Cab $3750.00... Open Cab (less the doors), $3450.00.. To have 3 coats of clear varnish $475.00.

Reproduction Babcock Delivery Body

This is a wood framed body w/ metal sheathing. Comes w/ covered top, upholstered seat and backrest. Firewall and windshield frame (one piece).. Rear door latches and hinges are included... Metal is primed.. $5275.00

1909 to early 11 Roadster Body.

Copy of Fords original T Roadster body. (unfinished). $2675.00

6 Posted Covered Express Bodies

Solid Red Oak Body for the T or TT chassis'. Covered top, upholstered seat and backrest, taligate hardware. Glass not included.. $3700.00 for the T chassis and $3950.00 for the TT chassis. 3 coats of Spar varnish add $450.00..

Topless Express Body

Solid Red Oak Body w/ tailgate hardware and seats. $2850.00 Maple body w/ Cherry panels $2975.00..